Scrapbooking Weekend
Gather 6-8 gals and spend a couple of days doing some serious scrapbooking! 'I' thought scrapbooking was just another hobby.. Not so! While observing the ladies pictured here for a weekend, I now realize that scrapbooking is a phoenominal way to preserve precious memories! However, as intricate and detailed as it is, it's hard to set aside the time to spend doing it at home where there is an endless list of "to dos" waiting! So come and let me do the cooking and YOU do the scrapping!

Might I suggest coming after work on a Friday, get set up and some scrapping..., have a delicious breakfast Saturday at your leisure..., scrap through the morning..., graze through soups & salads for lunch..., scrap some more, and enjoy dinner around the table at 6:00 PM. You can scrap through the evening as long as you wish. Sunday breakfast is at 8:00 am and you could either scrap some more or head for home. Our schedule is flexible and can be set you fit your needs. You can also take a break and go to the barn at feeding time and snuggle a new born lamb or just watch them run around.

Cost is $125/person/night and includes 4 meals. Bring your own snacks and beverages to enjoy while scrapping; no alcohol, smoking outside only.
E-mail: or call (607)566-2406 to book your "Scrapbooking Weekend".