There is more things than you might think to do around this farm
when you stay with us there are a few places you can visit within a short driving distance. You could go up the hill and see the windmill farm or take a tour of a state of the art cow farm only minutes away!

A Typical stay at the farm could begin with breakfast sometime between 7:00am - 9:00am, you pick the time thats best for you.
After breakfast around 9:30am the sheep chores begin. If you let Mr. Button know, you can help him feed the sheep, play with the kittens, or simply just watch. This is also done at 4:30pm.*
A picture of one of the windmills on the windmill farm
Afterwards you can take a tractor ride to go get some hay or just get a ride around the farm.*
You can go for a country walk to visit the big creek, walk or ride up the hill to see the windmills or cow farm, or simply take a walk up the road and back to view the amazing country scenery.
Kids can even play in the little creek the runs right by the house or sit around the fish pond and toss in bread crumbs.*

* Children are required to be accompanied by an adult for items marked with a asterix
A look at the cow farm
Kitten's waiting for their morning snackA few guests feeding fish at the pond Sheep feeding in the morning